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Why can't I support a keto diet...and why can I follow The M.A.D.E. Diet?🧐

I can (and do) promote a higher fat lifestyle (and have for over 3 years now—tried veganism & timed nutrition but felt bad 👎). But, what I’m seeing -especially with the popularity of ketosis, is people choosing ANY foods (or food like substance) that is low carb. (I did that too when I first stepped into HFLC!!!) Some of these “foods” are worse for you than bread and bananas though. And where are the vegetables???ANY “diet” that lists antioxidant, disease fighting, green vegetables as less “healthy” or “valuable” than bacon needs some serious WARNING labels attached to it! The M.A.D.E Diet puts you into “nutritional” ketosis, which is a state in which the body can still burn stored fat but isn’t SO crazy high in ketosis that you need to cut out or even way back on vital foods like vegetables. 

I personally agree with limiting (not removing entirely) fruits because today’s fruit is different, and available all year round, rather than seasonably. It’s been engineered to have even more fructose then it did a few decades ago because it’s sweeter (and more addictive) that way. I also don’t believe grains are worth the dense calorie count (I mean, there are always exceptions... but few) But truly the only benefit they really offer is fiber, and you can definitely get more than enough fiber in your veggies.

I promise, it’s not complicated:
1) Eat your ass full of organic veggies—mostly of the green hue. 🥗
2) Decorate those veggies with butter, olive oil, coconut oil and some seeds and nuts. 
3) Don’t fear the egg yolk and have 1 or 2 small portions of humanely raised protein each day. 

I’ve been studying nutrition for over 10 years (maybe more?!?) and I am here to tell you that myself (and thousands of my clients) look and feel their absolute BEST when they don’t limit their vegetables. It's about getting healthy...not skinny!  Just like the Standard American Diet, disease can flourish in a keto lifestyle too. ESPECIALLY one so limited in plant based nutrition. 

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