What is fitness?

Let me take a clear (and maybe unpopular) stance on fitness:

Fitness isn’t one style of working out; it’s not all sweat & tears or nothing; it’s not 6-7 days a week or you fail; and it’s certainly not tailored to one type of body or another.

Fitness IS movement, be it yoga, CrossFit or anything g in between; it’s consistency over time (and I mean YEARS not weeks or even months); and it is for everyBODY. Period.

Today has been a crazy day—one kid gone sick, the littlest one’s day off from daycare, groceries had to be gotten, clients needed me, my team had an important meeting, and contractors were in & out all day replacing flooring in our bedroom.

So today, fitness for me is a nice walk around my beautiful neighborhood as the sun sets. I’m getting in steps, fresh air, a little pollen and a shift in perspective.

If you’ve ever thought fitness isn’t for you, maybe you just don’t understand what it •really• is.

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