Scary Post

Totally terrifying post alert. I always have (and still do) get a *lot* of commentary on my booty. So I figure since it’s MY body, maybe it’s time I share MY commentary on it.

First. I got it from my mama. It is ALWAYS proportionately bigger than the rest of my body. At 108 pounds or 160, it’s gonna be juicy. Not of my own doing. It’s genetic. Speaking of genetics, it (my butt) but also my thighs, are gonna have cellulite. Again, at 108 pounds or 160, cellulite is in my genetics. I wish more than anything I could change it (trust me I’ve tried) but I’m learning to embrace it (I’m not there yet).

Despite getting a lot of positive affirmations about my booty, it is actually my LEAST favorite body part & it’s the first thing I’d change if butt reductions were a legitimate thing. Sending gratitude to the universe that big booties are in style.

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