Morning Thoughts…

Thoughts from my morning:

1) Running on a cool, cloudy, drizzly morning feels amazing.

2) Rachel Hollis’s book “Girl, Stop Apologizing” got a LOT of bad press, as did she, as she rose to fame for her first non-fiction “Girl, Wash Your Face”. And while on social media she started to turn me off and I wasn’t sure that I’d love her new book…I FREAKING LOVE her new book. I don’t agree with much (if any?) of the bad press I read about leading up to the release, and even though I‘m almost annoyed with myself for liking the book, the truth is, she’s freaking SPOT ON with what she’s teaching/preaching, and her content is resonating with me. And unless you’ve read the book, keep your judgement to yourself. Read it, THEN critique. Not the other way around.

3) I’ve slowly been warming to Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and have struggled to find anything I dislike. After his interview on Meet the Press today, it would be impossible for me to like him any more than I currently do. (Do not mistake this for an invitation for you to try to post nastiness in the comments; it won’t be tolerated, so don’t try).

In other words, it was a wonderful morning!

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