A scar isn’t a wound, it’s a symbol of something healed! Think about the people you look up to. Is it their SCARS that inspire you, or their lack thereof!

Are you stuck letting your past define your future? I mean, we all have at some point, right?!? •
Many people look at their scars and think, “I don’t want to experience that pain again… so I will avoid it at all cost” but by doing so, end up putting life in a holding pattern, rotating in a vicious circle, never moving FORWARD toward the desired destination.  I have plenty of my own scars (and stretch marks, lol)…but here’s what I think about them…

Taking what you think is the “easy & pain-free” route will lead to a hard & pain-filled life. There is NOTHING more painful than a life without progress or purpose! Just think, I could have a body without stretchmarks, but it would also be a life without children. I could have a scar-free heart, but that would mean I’d never have felt the deep, meaningful love…

Today is another chance to break old patterns that are keeping you stuck! Take today as an opportunity to press forward, enjoy the journey, and know that in each moment you are better, strong & more courageous than the last!

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