Share Your Truth, Unapologetically…

Look, not everyone is going to LIKE YOU, understand you, or want to be your friend.

I used to worry about sharing my liberal, feminist, often blunt opinions, fearing someone may not agree and no longer LIKE me.

I used to second guess everything so that no one was offended (albeit ineffectively), or forced to look in the mirror & take responsibility for their actions because I was afraid they would get mad at me.

I was worried about an unconventional business model like Beachbody Coaching. Would they judge me? Think it was a scam? Think I was a fraud?

I hid my past failures, because I thought if people knew I was a divorced & bankrupt, and that I lost a home to foreclosure, that they would see ME as a failure.

But I chose to flip my switch and instead of thinking about who might judge, hate on, or dislike me, I thought about who might see my TRUTH and be inspired!

…Who might see THEIR TRUTH and be compelled to make changes.

…Who might see my business, join, and have their lives changed.

…Who might see my past failures and see that success was possible for THEM too.

You have the opportunity to use your life… your BELIEFS, your FAILURES, your STRUGGLES, and your GIFTS to help inspire others to live their best life.

Don’t dull your light so that others feel more comfortable! Share your truth, unapologetically, knowing that when you do you are breathing purpose into your life! ❤️

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