Knockin’ on Vegan’s Door

I made a crazy decision. I’m going to try out veganism for the next 9 weeks.

AH! Ok. So much to share about this, but let’s address the first word that came out of your mouth when you read that. “WHY???” I am NOT about fads, and for the most part, I don’t love “exclusion” diets, so trust me when I say a LOT of thought, research and self study has gone into this decision.

About 10 years ago I read “Eat Right For Your Blood Type”, and while I wouldn’t necessarily say I still believe in that dude’s theories, it caused me to go vegan (or technically, pescatarian, I guess?) for about 6 months. I *loved* being vegan; I felt great, I looked great, my energy was great, my skin was great, everything was GREAT. It felt natural. But at that time I was married to my ex-husband who is a chef, and he did all of the cooking of this vegan food. You see, I’m a bit of a foodie. I like GOOD food. I like everything to taste restaurant quality and I don’t love leftovers. I can meal prep my ass off, but actually eating what I meal prep? That’s an entirely different story. So as you can imagine, when my ex and I split, so did my relationship with veganism.

In the last 10 years, I have been inundated with nutrition information. Research. Science. Documentaries. Books. Everywhere I turn there’s been a new study. Every time I hop on facebook, there’s another woman with 10% body fat telling me how she eats and which plan she follows. And so, I’ve tried them. All. And while some things I liked, others I hated. And some things kinda worked, and others definitely didn’t work for me. And for the past 10 years, the days of being vegan keep creeping back into my mind. The vegan fad has definitely died out some, but many people still eat that way, for any multitude of reasons. And I’m back at the vegan door, ready to crawl through it, timidly, and scared as hell.

So WHY? Ok. First off, because I always feel AMAZING when I’m vegan. Since my 6 month adventure in veganism, I’ve done several 21 day stints as a vegan, and every time I felt amazing and my body was functioning optimally. (Don’t ask why I didn’t just continue–that’s another blog for another day). Secondly, I genuinely feel guilty about eating cows. They are so sweet, and truly, what’s the difference between a cow, a horse, and a dog? Uh, nothing, and you know it. Then there’s the environment–remember, I’m a bleeding heart liberal, so I care about that shit. The cow farming industry is leaving a nasty carbon footprint, and I feel bad about contributing to it! And lastly, I’m at the highest weight I’ve ever been non-pregnant, because I’ve been eating PERFECTLY following some other really popular diets (and by diets I mean meal plans or patterns of eating, not like, diets like “dieting” diets…) and I’ve felt like shit, I’m tired as fuck, and clearly my body isn’t a fat burning machine, despite being incredibly strong and in amazing cardio shape.

Now, I’m entirely scared to do this. I have plenty of people in my circle who will call me crazy. I’m terrified of being hungry (which, I might add, is NOT the goal–hunger = a mean Amanda). It will be challenging, I’m absolutely certain, but finally, FINALLY, I am up for the challenge. I am excited to voyeur into this lifestyle and share it openly with you. NOT to force you to join me, but just to maybe open your eyes to the idea that once diet/lifestyle/way of eating is not the ONLY way, and does NOT fit all. And I am also terrified that I’ll hate veganism long-term and want to quit and then feel like a loser for quitting. So don’t judge me if I don’t last as a vegan. And I’m also not promising I won’t eat fish (cuz I plan on it occassionally), and an egg here or there will happen…but…support me? Encourage me? Follow this journey and see where I end up?

No matter what I promise to share authentically, with lots of swear words, and absolutely no bullshit. Here goes nothin’.

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Jac says July 5, 2017

You got this! Also, totally wanna see what you’re eating from time to time.

swhitley says July 8, 2017

Make sure that you have a source for iron , watch out for iron blockers .

Sheri Lindblom says July 11, 2017

I am right there with you! You will rock it! You have inspired me to dig deep and take the plunge. Looking forward to watching your journey!

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