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Fitness Influencer

When I got in to my Career in health and fitness, I never thought I'd have a reach which stretches across the USA , Canada and all the way across the atlantic to the UK.

I've been selected to be in test groups for the newest fitness programs, including one that's coming out in Early 2018 !

I've helped so many people in my time in this industry - and I know I have a lot more to help - so what are you waiting for?

Business Mentor/ Millionaire Mompreneur

Although you get in to business on your own - you will never be alone. It's funny it was just the other week I called upon some of my business partners to help me out, and to be honest, they've become like family. 

It's amazing to have the ability to support my own family too. This year my lifetime earnings from my fitness career will pass a million dollars - which is pretty incredible considering the earnings a normal fitness professional can expect! (P.S. If you're reading this and you want to earn more in YOUR fitness career - use the work with me button above and send me a message!)


I haven't always loved to write, but recently - its become my therapy. Researching, learning about nutrition, exercise and accountability and well - take a look at my blog on the link above and tell me what you think! 


Why Work With Me

Who Is Amanda Dewey?

Why Work With Me?

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A friend of mine invited me to attend a PiYo teacher certification training stating the instructor was totally awesome. And she was awesome, not only in skills but also in spirit. In the years that have followed, Amanda has guided me on my wellness journey. She has taught me about listening to my body and giving it the proper fuels it needs. It's a lifestyle change, not a diet. And Amanda has been there cheering me on every step of the way. I couldn't have asked for any better mentor to help me achieve the great results and healthiest body I have had in my life.

- Sheri 

Amanda is the perfect cross between tough love and flexibility. She has helped me find what works for me to lose the weight while also telling me to eat something even if I don't enjoy it. More than physical pounds lost she's helped me have a better relationship with food and true understanding of the best ways to feed my body. She is always just a text or call away whenever I need help or guidance.


Amanda takes the time necessary to understand what truly drives each of her team members and motivates us in ways that work best for each of us individually. More importantly, she teaches us “how to fish” instead of “fishing for us” so that our successes are not only sustainable but duplicable.


When I became a coach on Amanda Dewey's Beachbody Team in November, 2010, I had already been a fitness professional for 6 years. Thus, I didn’t benefit from her fitness coaching; however, I've been a HUGE beneficiary of her professional coaching. Amanda was and is one year ahead of me on her coaching journey and her commitment to personal development is completely apparent. She is constantly learning and growing into the type of coach and leader she would like to have. As she grows in knowledge, skills & wisdom - she is constantly paying it forward to her team. She organizes monthly marketing plans and trainings for her people in order to pave the way to success through her actions. She is one of the most caring and generous people I know. She is always going above and beyond to support, encourage and reward the success of her clients and team. I personally have been awarded by her 2 trips to Cancun & 1 trip to California to attend Chalene Johnson's Marketing Impact Accademy. Her investment in my growth as a human and a business women is appreciated beyond words. I'm honored to call her my friend, business partner and my coach!


I reached out to Amanda after doing Beachbody workouts consistently for a year and a half. While I was happy with my progress, I was in desperate needed of a change up! She encouraged me to do one of her challenge groups; insanity max 30. My first got instinct was “Heck NO!”.... but after chatting with her about it, I agreed that I should try. It was way out of my comfort zone in terms of working out, and to be honest, I was terrified. Amanda was there for me every step of the way. From meal planning, to encouragement, to celebrating my small victories, she was just all-around amazing! She does things with her own flair of honesty and love; and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you Amanda, for help in getting me into the best shape of my life! I never thought I could look or feel this great at almost 37 and after two babies!